Photo Gallery

Volunteers In Action!

Volunteers hard at work distributing supplies to the homeless

Volunteers Prepare Hygiene Bags

Clark Atlanta University volunteers pack essentials for the homeless

Security on our Minds

Chris Irby, Lawrence Reeves, and a resident volunteer discuss security

Celebrating Our First Produce Harvest 2017

100 lbs of lettuce and greens!

Roof Garden in Full Bloom

We’re excited to prepare for harvest!

Students…some of Our Favorite Things

Student volunteers with smiling faces as they weed the rooftop garden

College Students Volunteer 2017

Getting the Roof Garden ready for spring planting

Men Volunteer to Install Watering System 2016

Installing Roof Garden rainwater catchment and watering system

Women Volunteer to Sift

Volunteers working in the garden planting vegetables

Honoring the Deceased Homeless 2014

Gathered in Roof Garden to honor the homeless that died the previous