Our Programs

24-Hour Homeless Assistance Hotline.

The initial point of contact for many individuals with the Task Force is through our 24-Hour Homeless Assistance Hotline. The 24-Hour Homeless Assistance Hotline is a toll-free, statewide hotline and is the central component of Task Force service delivery. The Hotline provides a crucial first link between those who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless and the resources that they need, such as shelter, food, housing, employment, or other support. This toll-free, statewide Hotline is a fully computerized, constantly operating service linking more than 10,000 callers and their households each year with shelter, food, clothing, permanent housing, employment services and other support.

Transportation and Outreach

Transportation and Outreach work hand-in-hand to connect Task Force staff with hard-to-reach homeless people who are unable or unwilling to seek assistance. Staff locates unsheltered individuals wherever they may be, and works to build relationships in an effort to link them with desperately-needed resources such as shelter, medical care, food, and clothing. The program provides homeless individuals and families with free, year-round transportation between emergency shelters, overflow facilities, and other vital resources and service agencies. It is also the single program in the city that transports women and children between day and emergency night shelters. During the winter, the primary goal is to get individuals out of the dangerous cold and into shelter. Outreach and transportation are closely linked, especially during the cold months when the coordination of these programs is vital in saving lives.

Day Services Center

Operated Monday through Friday from 8:30am — 5:00 pm, the Day Service Center offers a wide variety of resources and assistance for men, women, and children in the metro Atlanta area. Staffed with a team of 6 case workers, the Center assists individuals in obtaining permanent, affordable housing and livable-wage employment, as well as providing workshops, job training and employment referrals, vision screenings, addiction recovery placement, assistance with social security or securing IDs, HIV testing, referrals for medical and psychiatric care, or simply respite from the elements. Counselors work with clients who have a variety of needs, such as those who have recently relocated to Atlanta, those with disabilities or who need addiction treatment, veterans, or those who may be facing eviction. The Day Service Center also distributes over 1,500 monthly Job Information Directories to shelters and service providers throughout the metro area service network.

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For more than 30 years, the Metro Atlanta Task Force for the Homeless has stood strong in its advocacy on behalf of the City of Atlanta’s most marginalized men, women and children.